Orbit the Sun Series

A hotel at the edge of space; a close encounter with an asteroid, and a journey that no-one expected, go to prove that space tourism: the destination for those who have been everywhere, is not the place you want to be when things go wrong.

An observational error, a miscalculation? Either have consequences: sometimes serious, but mostly the effects can be compensated for. But some mistakes are beyond recovery and sometimes nature reminds us that no matter how clever we think we are, we are no match for her surprises and power.

Download - Into the Unknown #1 for Free

Earthrise has left orbit, and with its reluctant passengers is thrust into the unknown; but as the crew and guests come to terms with their journey, they are unaware that the encounter with Nemesis has affected them in a way that they have yet to discover.

Download - A Far Longer Journey #2 for Free

Is Mathew becoming paranoid; even when more people die he isn’t sure, and what about the beautiful married woman, is she to be the next victim?

Download - Death in Pod eighteen #3 for Free

Mathew is out of his comfort zone, he has to work out how to take the space station closer to the sun. It needs all his attention, but he can’t get the Russian woman out of his mind, or that the commander has accused him of plotting to take over Earthrise. He was sure a murderer was aboard, but it’s possible that everyone is just losing their memory, and now there’s the green glow...

Download - Pestilence #4 for Free

Mathew and the others have a lot to deal with already: they are making their approach to the sun and there's an underflow of dissent: what they need least of all is a parasite that makes them reckless.

Download - The Zombie Bug #5 for Free

As Earthrise gets closer to the Sun both the heat and tensions are rising. Discipline is falling apart; rumour fuels fear, and both crew and visitors are losing faith in decisions that have been made. Now Andrew has to face the mob before Earth leaves them behind.

Download - Mutiny #6 for Free

Earthrise is out of control and heading the wrong way. The command structure has collapsed and gangs are starting to roam the space station. If that wasn’t bad enough Jennifer has betrayed Mathew’s trust, and the fox has been given permission to look after the chickens.

Download - Riot and Disorder #7 for Free

Getting back to Earth is a roller coaster ride as disappointment follows exhilaration over and over; yet when everyone has given up there is a sliver of hope from the last place anyone thought of, but Earthrise isn’t the same place that was flung into space, and while some just want to get home others see the potential to exploit.

Download Long Way Back #8 for Free

Salvation is possible; starvation is averted, and hope is rising aboard Earthrise. Now: just as a future is possible, everything is threatened when Andrew lets himself be manipulated, and Peter makes his move for control.

Download Colony #9 for Free

When Andrew relinquishes command, Peter sees his power under threat; now everything is to play for between him and Mathew.

Download Last Days #10 for Free

At last salvation is in sight: albeit salvation marooned millions of miles from Earth; that is until Peter makes his move, and instead of hope there is only death.

Download Acts of Survival #11 for Free

Peter has commandeered the Mars Explorer and Earthrise is about to make a fiery plunge into Mars’s atmosphere. What began as an holiday out of this world ends above an alien world.

Download The End of Earthrise #12 for Free